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Galigher Pump Parts Catalog
You have accessed the catalog of aftermarket replacement pump parts for Galigher pumps.

Important! You do not need to specify a material for Galigher parts. The part number designates the proper material.

Can't find a part? Contact us and we will search our extensive network, or we can reverse engineer any cast or machined component for you. We hope you will find our site useful, informative and most importantly...Cost Effective.

STEP # 2... Select A product Group below...OR... Search This Catalog by entering the OEM part number. (If you don't see the part category you are looking for... choose "Other Pump Parts" in the product category menu.)

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Adapters Elbows Misc. Shafts
Agitators Expellers Nipples Sideplates
Backheads Extensions Nuts Sleeves
Balance Drums Fasteners Pads Slingers
Bearings Fittings Pedestals Spacers
Bolts Flingers Pins Stage Pieces
Bowls Gages Pipes Studs
Brackets Gaskets Plugs Stuffing Box
Bushings Glands Precut Packing Stuffing Box Covers
Caps Guards Rings Stuffing Boxes
Casings Heads Rotors Suction Heads
Columns Housings Screens Tubes
Cones Impellers Screws Washers
Covers Liners Seals Wear Plates
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